Review Metric

So reviewing things online is something anyone can do, everyone seems to want to do, but few know how to do well.

That’s not to say I’m an expert at it, or even among those who do it well. But I certainly try to be above the usual drivel that passes for quality journalism, especially in the gaming field.

On my blog you’ll find reviews from time to time. These will be about games, movies or TV perhaps. I’ll discuss what the game/movie/TV show is about, what I think works, how I think it works or doesn’t, and ultimately a recommendation for you, the reader.

However, I do not use your typical numerical scoring. From experience that only seems to breed resentment when a particular number out of maximum isn’t achieved. So I use the following metric for an at-a-glance “score”, since I know the majority of the Internet is a bunch of lazy bastards who wouldn’t read a comprehensive 2000+ word review if they could avoid it.

👍👍 — A game that receives two thumbs up is the highest recommendation I can give. It’s a video game that I think everyone who likes gaming as a hobby should play without fail.

A movie or TV show that receives two thumbs up is again considered the highest recommendation. It’s quality film or programming that you should watch and/or set aside the time to do so.

👍 — A game that receives a thumbs up is recommended. While I can’t say it’s an absolute necessity to experience it, I feel it’s worth your time to check out in some form.

A movie that receives a thumbs up is good watching. Films require 90-200 minutes of your time on average, so setting aside that much time shouldn’t be a concern for this film.

A TV show that earns a thumbs up is a potential use of your time, provided you like the premise and first couple episodes.

👎 — A game that receives a thumbs down is not recommended. If the game is the first in series or without a series to belong to, it is simply not recommended unless you get it at a great discount (such as a bargain bin). Games in an existing series that get a thumbs down would at best be for fans of the series only, as they would derive more joy from it than non-fans. Games with a thumbs down should never be used to introduce newcomers to a series.

A film that gets a thumbs down is probably not worth the price of entry. Watching it for free is a better alternative.

A TV show that gets a thumbs down is probably not worth the time investment. If the premise interests you, I’d recommend giving two episodes a look to see if it’s really for you.

👎👎 — A game that receives two thumbs down should not be played. Ever. Likely under any circumstances.

A film that gets two thumbs down should be avoided.

A TV show that gets two thumbs down is likely not even worth watching the first episode.

As always these are my personal thoughts on the games/movies/TV shows in question. Feel free to disregard them or adhere to them at your discretion.