My Index of Written Works

I’m an author. These are my completed projects.


Sibling Artist
The AM/FM capable clock displays 6:00AM. A harsh buzzer sound signals the start of another morning.
This is how every day begins for Tiffany and Sophia Burroughs, a pair of sisters living on the East Coast of the State of Florida. Even if they want to stay in bed a little longer, a strict schedule demands they get ready for school on their own and be out the door in less than half an hour.
Tiffany is a junior in high school; Sophia is in third grade at a nearby private school.
However, this is only a brief moment in their lives. The day will come when their situation changes for the better. Darker days are behind them. This isn’t permanent.
What’s more, it’s almost the weekend.


For Emily
A phone call is a rarity for Nick Walker. When the unsolicited caller leaves a message for him, Nick figures it worth calling back to see what they wanted.
What should have been another uneventful weekend for the young man doesn’t come to pass, as he takes on the charge of five-year-old Emily Williams. It’s only for a single weekend, and he has the hesitant backing of his best friend and roommate behind him. After all, how much work can a kid Emily’s age give him?
And perhaps this side job could even give him something more than spending money.


Inn Betwixt
A balmy breeze envelops the inn. In the distance, seagulls can be heard. There are hardly any clouds in the sky. The ocean is calm. Situated in the middle of the ocean, the inn is a picture of tranquility.
It welcomes any who wish to stay. And they may stay for as long as they wish. However, leaving is another matter entirely. The enigmatic innkeeper, known only as Trenchcoat, shares few answers.
When Alena Rogers finds herself on the doorstep of the inn, her only desire is to go back home. But what is keeping her there?
And perhaps more importantly: how did she come to be at the inn?


Star Crossed
Ten year-old Star Light and her faithful pet Vulpix embark on their very own Pokemon adventure!
This is a work of fan-fiction set in the Pokemon World based on Nintendo’s long-running franchise. It is entirely free to download in ePub format. Thank you for reading!